You can take the girl out of Wyoming...

I'm a rural girl at heart. I was born in a small town in Missouri and raised in an even smaller town in southeast Wyoming. Like any small town kid, I was anxious to get out. I was wide eyed and eager to explore. I spent several years working/traveling the world. I was giddy with every new accent, exotic dish, or random holiday.  I always felt welcomed, and others seemed equally inquisitive about my culture too; although most wondered if we still drove wagons and were taught in little school houses on the prairie.

             Teton Valley Rodeo.  Driggs, Idaho

             Teton Valley Rodeo. Driggs, Idaho

I cherished every moment, but always looked forward to coming home; I belong in a small town. As John Cougar sang, "I can breathe in a small town."

I prefer meetings on a front porch over a conference room and sometimes I don't mind getting paid in homemade jam, garden tomatoes, or whatever else we both may need or are willing to trade!


I’m a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.
— Donny & Marie Osmand

 I believe that tradition and progress should co-exist. I love new ideas, technology, and constantly seek out better, more efficient ways of doing things.

I utilize new apps, software, and other technologies to make my life and those of my clients easier. I have been part of team that is developing an app and I'm always amazed at what you can bring to life, how you can monetize and market it, and the impact it can have on millions!

I appreciate not everyone embraces the tech world as much as I, but I'm pretty patient with the process of introducing and teaching those that might be less savvy.( If we are too quick to judge one for what they do not possess, we risk not seeing what they do.)

I've also had the pleasure of having some pretty amazing mentors ( and parents) who could barely attach a picture or document to an email, but were virtual gold mines of wisdom and insight.